Thursday, September 8, 2011

back to work...

so, i'm back to work after my Louisiana vacation...
of course, tropical storm lee had to put a damper on things while we were there.
it rained the ENTIRE time AND it was cold and super windy.
but... it was great to see family.
unfortunately, we were unable to see b's (the hub's) mawmaw due to "the family issue".
how can someone tell you that you are not allowed to see your own grandmother who's 97?
it's absolutely ridiculous.
but... none of my business... since i'm just an "in-law". the hubs is super upset about the entire situation though... i don't blame him.
anyways... on a lighter note...
THE BEACH next weekend. YAY.
Now... back to the grind. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

... ready for friday!

i cannot wait until friday...
my flight for NOLA leaves at 10 a.m.!
so ready for a vaca with my hubs.
ready to see his dad/stepmom and go fishing!

busy, busy next few weeks ahead though...
Louisiana this Friday - Tuesday.
The next weekend the hubs has to work. :(
The next weekend/week Friday - Tuesday, the BEACH with the hubs and his mom and stepdad.
then... finally... the next weekend, a friend's wedding out of state.
let's hope that eveything goes smoothly and according to plan.

teriffic tuesday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

hump day!

yay for hump day!
that means tomorrow is payday and then it's friday!
sad that my hubs has to work this weekend, but it's okay, the $ is good.
i'm super excited that I get to go to my friend rachel's bridal shower, which i thought that i wasn't going to be able to go to... and i get to see some awesome people (my bestie included) yay!
I got a raise! Yeah, you heard right, A RAISE! I'm excited, and my boss told me that she thinks that I make a great asset to our team and that i will definately excell. :)
but... a little bummed because another one of my co-workers was let go today...
vacations are on the horizon!

happy hump day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

... here goes nothing.

here's my first blog post in well... forever!
i guess i'm gonna give this blogging this a try.
first of all... about me:

i'm 26 years old. i live in a small southern town (it's home and always will be).
i'm married to my high school sweetheart, brian. we went to different high schools, but it still counts! :)
we have 2 doggies... Lily Belle and Beau.
we consider them to be our babies, for now anyway... until a real one comes along...

currently trying to put things into place...
new house, maybe?
baby, maybe?
people tell me these things come in pairs, so we'll see...

i guess that's all for now.
we'll see how this goes...